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Choosing the right paint brushes, for example, is essential to get each type of paint and application right. Did you decide to paint a room in your house on your own? Know that some precautions are essential to reach the perfect final finish. Brushes, as construction paint brushes are known, differ in size, shape and type of bristles. Knowing the different types of brushes for wall painting is essential to know which is the specific model for the surface that will receive the painting.

Read this article by Pinero Tints to get the final quality of your work right and make your wall amazing! We have prepared important information about the types of paint brushes for wall painting that will help you to define the ideal model for your case. Check out!

4 types of paint brushes for wall painting

First of all, know that the types of paint brushes for wall painting have bristles of different origins: synthetic and animal. The bristles of synthetic origin are indicated for painting with enamel, latex or acrylic varnish. Those of animal origin are used for all types of painting, with soluble or aqueous acrylic paint.

Black bristles

Types of brushes for wall painting black bristles

Black bristle paint brushes are ideal for painting metallic objects with solvent as they have a great finish and surface coverage. They are recommended for detail paintings and perfectly cover masonry, metals and wood. Use them for synthetic enamels, varnishes, oils and zircon.

Types of gray bristle wall paint brushes

Gray bristle brushes are indicated for applying water-based paints, such as latex, PVA and acrylic. Gray bristles are great for application in details, finishing and covering any type of surface.

Types of white bristle wall paint brushes

The types of brushes for wall painting with white bristles are indicated for applying varnish or enamel paint. They have thin, soft and well-finished bristles that provide greater smoothness in the painting. The finish is much more beautiful, because the white bristles leave no scratches on the wall. In addition to being ideal for varnish and enamel, the white bristle brush is also suitable for finishing in latex.

Types of brushes for painting wall paint

The brushes are large and more resistant. For this reason, they are indicated for applying lime or cement based paint and asphalt waterproofing. These types of paints  cannot be applied with paint brushes and rollers due to their viscous texture. In addition, brushes are used to paint walls and to apply the first coat of paint outdoors.

Types of paint brushes for roller wall painting

The rollers  are other types of tools used to apply paint, as well as brushes. They are often used to apply more paint evenly. Therefore, they are more suitable for covering large areas, such as walls and ceilings.

There are several roller models and, like the brushes, each one serves a different type of surface. Latex, acrylic or water-based paints require the use of synthetic or sheep wool roller. Wood, metal, oil paint and varnish surfaces are indicated for foam rollers.

Care of brushes and rollers

Some basic precautions are essential to prolong the life of the rollers and brushes used in painting the house. When preparing the pigment for application, never use the tools to mix the paint. After use, wash them immediately so that the paint does not dry on the bristles and damage the instrument. In the case of latex-based paints, wash the brushes / rollers with soap and water. For solvent-based paints, wash the objects with the same solvent used in the dilution. Then dry them and store them in a dry and ventilated place.

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