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Decorate Your House Gracefully With Aleko Shade Blinds

Not only in summer season when the heat of the sun is unbearable even inside have the house, but you always needed to cover your windows with Aleko Shade Blinds. Aleko shade blinds are extremely good for this work and they save you from the intolerable sunrays and the harmful UV rays. These Roman blinds are in fact affordable yet it possesses the sophisticated look and pattern that adds to the interior that spice of life. With these blinds you have the option open for you that you give it a unique style and put in your imagination into it making it reflect your specific conception.

It is very simple to decorate your house with Aleko Shade Blinds, as you will find plenty of designs, pattern and style in it and it is very uncomplicated to select one for you. You don’t have to waste too much time, money and effort after this. These are made of long piece of fabric that is designed to have overlapping folds and they are attached on the top of the window so that they can be drawn upwards if you like to have light inside the house and downward if you want privacy and darkness. In fact it is very easy to handle as both the work is done by pulling either one string or the other as is the requirement. You will also get numerous designs and patterns in various colors and style and you have to choose the one that suits your home décor.

Much more than just a decorative element, Aleko Shade Blinds  have several uses in all areas of the house: they offer privacy to residents, reduce or block the passage of light and protect furniture and appliances from the sun’s rays.

The market offers numerous curtain models and various types of Aleko Shade Blinds, for all tastes and pockets. When choosing, however, it is important to take into account the style of the environment, the desired decoration and the functionality of the curtain or blind. Do you want a helping hand to choose the most suitable curtain or blind models for every corner of your home? Check out our tips:

Living room with Aleko Shade Blinds

The living room is the rooms in the house where residents get together to chat, relax, watch movies and receive their guests. To create the ideal climate in this environment, you can choose to:

Curtain Cell

The cell curtain has a different design, inspired by the cells of a beehive. It offers thermal comfort and sound insulation, and can be made of tissue paper with blackout, preventing the passage of light.

Window Blinds

The panel type Aleko Shade Blinds can be produced in twill or canvas and are fixed on rails. They also block the entrance of external light and combine both with sober and elegant environments and modern and rustic rooms (with brick walls, for example).

Roller Blinds

These curtain models have a special mechanism that allows them to be hidden when opened. Roller Aleko Shade Blinds combine the beauty of a traditional model with the practicality of the blind and integrate with the decoration in a natural way, being a great option for walls with cementations wood cladding.

Double Vision Aleko Shade Blinds

This type of blind alternate’s translucent horizontal strips with opaque strips, controlling the entry of light and offering privacy and elegance to the room. It is a modern and stripped-down option, perfect for informal environments.


The room is an environment aimed at relaxation, rest and intimacy. The following curtain models are more suitable:

Aleko Curtain

Known as the vertical blind, it has a classic layered design and can be produced in natural fiber fabrics with blackout. To modernize the environment, the Roman curtain can be installed in places decorated with wallpaper in the same tone or in contrasting colors.

Shutter Silhouette

The blind in the silhouette model is made of fabric, combining its practicality with the elegance of the curtains. They control the luminosity and give lightness to the decoration, especially when combined with different coatings,

Flight Curtain

The voile is a light and sophisticated fabric, so it is perfect to offer privacy and keep the house  airy . As the light curtain is only partially blocked, the curtain can be used in conjunction with a ceiling or blackout.

Wooden shutter

The wooden blinds are elegant and practical, since the cleaning of the blades can be done easily. Wood also provides thermal comfort, conserving heat in winter and keeping cool in summer.


The key word in the kitchen is practicality: curtains and blinds must be cleaned frequently to avoid the accumulation of dirt.

Laminated Blinds

The laminated blinds, PVC or aluminum, were used only in offices, but they bring several advantages when installed in the kitchen: they simplify the cleaning, offer good visibility and control the entry of light.

Curtain Rod

Curtains attached to rods are great options for the kitchen, as this model can be removed easily for cleaning. The choice of fabric and print depends on the decor and style of the kitchen, which can range from classic  to modern.


The use of blinds or curtains in the bathroom is far from superfluous. In addition to decorating the environment, they give more privacy to residents:

The natural undulations of the cascade blind, for example, offer lightness and movement to the decoration, in a cascade effect that combines with the most varied styles. In addition, the cascade blind is one of those items that  never goes out of style !

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