Monday, April 27, 2015

Potty Training

We are blessed in many ways but I have to say that my family is truly one of my greatest blessings. The last 2 years have been so busy but totally worth it. Yesterday, our 4th child turned 2 months old. On Wednesday, our 3rd child will be turning 2. Then there's our teenage "kids" that are 15 and 17 (Seriously, can not believe I am old enough to have a 17 year old!!!). I am so thankful for how helpful these teenagers are and I do not know what I would do without them and my wonderful hubby around to help me keep my sanity some days.
Anyway, we have been working on potty training our soon to be 2 year old since last Friday. We attempted to potty train her back before the baby was born because we were hoping to cut down on diaper costs (I have been wanting to switch to cloth diapers and will hopefully be embarking on this journey very soon) but she really wasn't ready at all. Now, she has been going to the potty successfully and has even gotten up each morning with a dry diaper ;-)
With our first attempt, we tried pull ups but she really just treated them like a diaper. So, this time, and this was seriously the most awesome thing ever, I found cloth training pants at a local thrift store for, get this, a quarter a piece.... Yes, beyond excited!!! So, we have been using these along with pull ups here and there and it has been working great. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, this lady has already gone through this potty training adventure with her now teenagers so she should be an "expert" by now. Well, that is really not true. Our oldest, a boy, was very difficult to potty train, mostly because we moved 3 times during the time I was trying to potty train him and were not able to be very consistent with him. The way I finally did potty train him was by putting him in big boy underwear or letting him run around naked from the waist down (at home of course) until he started going to the potty successfully. This only took a few days. Now, our second child, a girl, saw the potty chair in the bathroom during the time we were training our son, and decided she would start using it herself. Yes, believe it or not, but this child actually potty trained herself!
So, back to the present, we also have a little chart on the fridge to jeep track of when we potty. Nothing complicated. It is just a piece of construction paper with her name at the top (written pretty of course) and then she just sticks a sticker on it when she goes potty. Yes, I did look at pretty printable charts on pinterest but in the end I just went with a simple, basic piece of paper. We are not quite to the point where I feel comfortable with taking her out in public with trading pants on so when we do go somewhere, we put on a diaper. It helps a lot to be able to stay home as much as possible while potty training so that you can take her to the potty every hour or so, which is why we have pretty much planned to stay home this week. As long as we keep going like we have been the last few days, I expect we will be venturing back out into the world more next week with our big girl undies on ;-)

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