Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan- 8/14-8/20

Sunday: White Chicken Enchiladas
Monday: Easy Broiled Drumsticks
Tuesday: Beef Stroganoff ( I use ground beef in my version)
Wednesday: Fish (will have to see what I can get for a good price at Costco today)
Thursday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches (didn't do these last week. I cook my pork in the crockpot).
Friday: Grilled Pizza with Chicken, Avocado, and Tomatoes
Saturday: Grilled Chicken Kabobs

I am working on stocking my freezer with cooked beans this week. I cooked 2 lbs. of black beans last night (which makes 6- 2 cup servings, which is one oz. more per serving than you get in the cans at the store). I usually cook my beans in the crockpot  (can also do this overnight) but because I started them pretty late in the afternoon, I just cooked them on the stove this time. I am going to be cooking up some kidney beans (getting ready for chili season!), navy beans, and pinto beans as well. I always cook 2 lbs. at a time, so I am not sure how well larger amount would turn out. Have thought about trying out 3 or 4 lbs to see how that goes (mainly just need to make sure there is enough room in the crockpot). May have to experiment with that this week.

I am also hoping to get some canning done this week. I am heading to the farmers market this morning to see what I can score to can ;-)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Working on Goal #1

After searching the internet for ideas on how to streamline my menu planning, I finally came across this article. What's funny is that I actually tried setting up my menu planning in my google calendar before but couldn't quite grasp the best way to do it so I abandoned the idea altogether. Now, however, I am very excited to try this out now that I have a better idea of how to use it! Yay! Anyway, had to share the link ;-)


So I was reading through the many blogs that I read daily, and I read a great post by Rebekah at Simply Rebekah about goals and how she started back in January with a list called her "Insane Goal List." Well, I am generally somewhat good with setting goals of things that I want to accomplish, but my main problem is that I have a problem focusing and I end up doing lots of different things and not always finishing all the goals because I  start adding things to my list that I see as I go along. So, I got to thinking that it would be a great idea to do a goal planning session for each week just like I do my menu planning... In fact, I can easily squeeze that in when I sit down to do my weekly planning. While this week is almost over, I don't want to miss the opportunity to get started right away with this (no time like the present!), so here are a few goals that I want to accomplish between now and Saturday:
1. Work on streamlining menu planning. This is something I have been working on off and on for several months now but I really need to focus on this for a bit until I get it set up the way I want it to be. My plan is to make lists of the recipes I use for my menu planning and a note as to where they are located, etc. and store this on my computer to reference on meal planning day and so I can add to it when I find new recipes that I would like to add into the rotation.
2. Determine a new place for my cookbooks. These are currently stored in one of my cabinets, but I truthfully need the space for other stuff and they tend to fall over which annoys me very much.
3. Empty my "to do" basket. Okay, I have a basket where I stick all the stuff to do and then I go through and do them as I get a chance to. Well, the basket is a bit too full these days and I need to get it emptied... plus, the basket is starting to breed a bad procrastination problem... NO GOOD!

Okay, so those are the 3 goals I am going to be working on over the next 3 days... can hardly wait to post my goals for next week... hmmm... okay, already starting to try and jump to something else... must FOCUS!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Menu Plan: 8/7-8/14

I am making a slight adjustment with my menu plan this week... I am shifting to planning Sun thru Sat instead of Mon thru Sun. I'll see how it goes and figure out from here which way I like better. So, here's my menu plan for the week:
Sunday: Lasagna Casserole
Monday: Szechuan Noodles with Pork (this recipe is very simple and sounds delicious... can hardly wait to try it!)
Tuesday: Vegetable Stew with fresh veggies from the garden ;-)
Wednesday: Homemade Mac & Cheese, veggie, and hamburger steaks
Thursday: Chicken Kabobs, grilled corn, and salad
Friday: Chinese Stir Fry. brown rice
Saturday: Quick Sausage, White Bean, and Spinach Stew (I am going to use orzo noodles since that's what I have in my pantry. Also, I am using cooked dried navy beans instead of canned ones. I cook a couple of pounds in the crockpot and then freeze them in 2 cup portions. This saves a lot of money plus you don't have to worry about a bunch of added sodium like you do with the canned ones).

As far as freezer cooking this week, I really don't have a plan. I have a lot of work this week around the house trying to get ready for the hubby to be out of town for work for a bit, so that is going to take most of my time. I am also having the kids start some of their schoolwork this week to get back into the swing of things. I am going to mainly have them doing a few things here and there as refresher work... nothing too heavy duty ;-) Hoping to have lots of ripe tomatoes soon... I harvested our first red one today and looked in on a bunch of green ones just waiting for the right moment to start turning red...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A little late with menu plan this week

Okay... so I have been winging our menu this week and didn't really make a plan other than to try my best to not have to buy any ingredients. It has gone fairly well so far although we did make 4 trips to the store yesterday... luckily the store is just around the corner from our house. Yesterday was just one of those days when everytime I tried to make something I discovered that at least one ingredient was missing. Not making a trip to Costco for our regular pantry stock up items is definitely starting to bug me... oh well!

So far this week, this is what we have had:
Monday: Hot dogs and buttered noodles (ok... we were starving and I didn't have time to think of anything else)
Tuesday: Chuck Roast in the crockpot
Wednesday: Beef burritos using leftover meat from roast (yummy!) and we have a ton of leftovers for lunch... score!

Today (Thursday), I am planning on making Ratatouille since I just went out this morning and found all the necessary ingredients waiting in my garden yelling "Ratatouille!" (ok... that may have been a hallucination).
Friday: Hmmm... no clue yet but maybe pulled pork since I found buns on clearance for a dollar a bag yesterday (I know.... I plan on making more homemade ones which are definitely healthier but a dollar is a good deal for whole wheat buns!)
Saturday: Hoppin John sounds good... or maybe navy beans... I am feeling some sort of beans or peas in the crockpot though...
Sunday: Not sure yet... will dig in the freezer to see what looks good...

Okay... so I don't exactly have my menu planned for this week but that is one reason why I always make sure to have ingredients on hand to make all sorts of quick recipes or have freezer meals ready to go. This week has been mostly consumed by school planning and I am very happy so far with the progress I have made with this. I am planning to make some more pickles today since I found a bunch of cucumbers today but other than that and maybe making some mint jelly, and making bread (of course, this is a never-ending thing but I love it!), I am not really putting much food up. I feel I should maybe be doing more but truthfully my garden is on the verge of exploding with tomatoes and I really should be resting up for that... yaaaayyyy!!!! I can hardly wait!!!
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