Saturday, February 5, 2011

Red Velvet Cake Balls «

I was doing a search for trifle recipes yesterday and came across these: Red Velvet Cake Balls « I almost ditched the trifle altogether and just made these!

Anyway, we held our first houseparty last night for Coffee-Mate and I wanted to incorporate Coffee-Mate Creamer into the dessert. I searched their website and came up with the cake recipe I wanted to use (Mocha Dream Cake), and was planning to make the actual cake, but I had problems getting the cake out of the pan. So, I ended up making it into a trifle by layering the cake and then lightly soaking it with Sweet Italian Cream Creamer. Next, I put a layer of vanilla pudding and repeated the same 3 steps again. I "iced" it with whipped cream and then stuck it in the fridge to chill. It turned out great! Now, I have 2 cups worth of mocha cream cheese frosting in my fridge to deal with (I had already made the frosting for the cake before disaster hit). I thought about incorporating it into the trifle but thought it would make the trifle to heavy. I was very light and not too decadent; the perfect sweetness really.
We had a great time at the house party. We ended up with only 1 other family and 1 single friend showing up but it was actually the right amount of people for playing games. Our daughter ended up being without any of her friends, which was kinda sad but I think she's okay with it. I figure I will make sure she gets together with a friend today. Especially since Michael ended up with 3 friends being over. Oh well!
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