Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great Deals at City Market ;-)

There is a great sale going on at City Market/King Soopers right now. They are having one of the buy 10 items, save $5 sale. There are a lot of items that are really cheap with the sale like Hunt's tomatoes and Rotel (both for 42 cents) so it is easy to rack up 10 items using the cheap filler items, if there is something more expensive on the list that you are after. We made our second trip for the sale tonight and I ended up only getting 10 of the items (all except 2 I had coupons for) plus some produce and a few other things (including 5 coupons for free items, including 3 free 32 oz. coffeemate creamers which would have cost me $3.29 each and I got to use a $2 off City Market coupon I had been holding onto for a while for Johnsonville Smoked Turkey Sausage which meant I only paid 99 cents out of pocket for them) for a total of $14.81 with a savings of $33.99 (70%). Plus, I got a $3 off my next order coupon because I purchased 4 coffeemate creamers.
 I also ran to Safeway because they have a great deal on Campbells Select Harvest Soups (99 cents each, and I had 3 coupons for $1 off 2, plus another ecoupon from for $1 off, so around 35 cents each), as well as Progresso Soups (They are on sale for $1.25, but for every 4 you buy, you save $2, plus I had a $1 off 4 coupon and 2- 50 cent off ecoupons from, making them 35 cents a piece as well). And, they have Classico Pasta Sauces for $1.69 for which I had 2 $1 off 1 coupons, making them 69 cents a piece. Plus, I picked up a pound of asparagus ($1.88 per pound), 2 ocean spray cranberry juices from clearance that were $1.50 each, and I had a coupon for a free bag of Ruffles chips which was the bribe my hubby got for going to the store with me so close to dinner time..... LOL. Anyway, at Safeway my total was $11.28 with a savings of $30.57 (74%). So, altogether for the entire trip, we spent around $26.00 and saved almost $65.00. Good selection of pantry stock up items that I can make a bunch of different meals with for quite a while. I still have at least one more stock up trip with the City Market sale now that I have my $3 off coupon ;-)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Site Under Construction

I am doing some work to the site like adding stuff that I have been meaning to do for a while now. Please be patient and I will hopefully get everything posted before long. Thanks!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My hubby is going to be leaving for Florida on Tuesday for a solar job that will last for about  3 months. He will only be home about once a month which is going to be very different from our norm. I am trying my best to stay strong through this but I am finding it kinda difficult. I know it will all be fine in the end and the extra money will help us in our path to being debt free, which by the way, is going really well. We have gotten all but a couple of things paid off, with the exception of a very large restitution bill that my hubby is responsible for paying. We are working on getting our mortgage re-modified, mainly because with Mike having so many days off last year due to no work we ended up getting behind on the mortgage. Technically, the mortgage amount wasn't the problem, it was the escrow account which was added because we were having trouble paying for our homeowners insurance and taxes. The mortgage company worked with us to get them paid and then, without really letting us know that we were going to have our mortgage payment doubled (INSANE!), we started getting into a big rut.
So anyway, that's our story. Please pray for me and my family as we go through this and as we work on getting our mortgage re-modified. Thanks and God bless!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to life, back to reality...

Okay, so now I have that song stuck in my head (back to life, back to reality...). Anyway, took advantage of some great deals today and yesterday that I had to share. Yesterday, I picked up Vaseline lotion from Super Target for 49 cents, which wasn't bad, but the week before I got it free with the same coupons. Unfortunately, the sale that caused it to be free ended, but 49 cents is still a great deal! Today, I hit Safeway with my 2 coupons for $2 off 2 Nivea products, which made them free (had to pay tax only) since they were on sale for 99 cents each. Then, I stopped by Walgreens to take advantage of their deal on Finish Dishwasher Tabs (they are on sale for $3.49 with $1.50 back in Register Rewards, plus there was a coupon this week for $2.25 off, so basically it is FREE!) but they were already sold out. So, I will have to keep checking. Last, I hit City Market to use my $1 off on Coast soap coupon, which was on sale for $1 (another freebie!) and I used a 55 cent off coupon that doubled to $1 off on International House of Coffee Creamer (they were on sale for $1.25, so all I had to pay was 25 cents plus tax). The grand total for everything for yesterday and today was $1.17, which was mostly tax. Gotta love it ;-)
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